XLParser  1.3.10
XLParser.ParserReference Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 ParserReference (ReferenceType referenceType, string locationString=null, string worksheet=null, string lastWorksheet=null, string fileName=null, string name=null, string minLocation=null, string maxLocation=null)
 ParserReference (ParseTreeNode node)
void InitializeReference (ParseTreeNode node)
 Initializes the current object based on the input ParseTreeNode More...
override string ToString ()

Public Attributes

const int MaxRangeHeight = 100
const int MaxRangeWidth = 100


ReferenceType ReferenceType [get, set]
string LocationString [get, set]
string Worksheet [get, set]
string LastWorksheet [get, set]
string FileName [get, set]
string Name [get]
string MinLocation [get, set]
string MaxLocation [get, set]

Member Function Documentation

◆ InitializeReference()

void XLParser.ParserReference.InitializeReference ( ParseTreeNode  node)

Initializes the current object based on the input ParseTreeNode

For Reference nodes (Prefix ReferenceItem), it initialize the values derived from the Prefix node and is re-invoked for the ReferenceItem node.

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